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Expected Returns
4% - 5%

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We are well versed with the network and its protocols. We use the right set of security mechanisms to access the servers and secure servers with proper encryption methods. In short, we value your stake.

Consistent Returns

We take pride in our experienced team and high-end cloud infrastructure, with 99.9% uptime of the nodes that yield consistently competitive rewards for your stake.


Decentralization is the main force driving the blockchain technology. Therefore, our nodes are located across the globe to maximize the decentralization and its rewards. We have a block producer in North America and relays are in America, Europe, and Asia for this purpose.


We host our nodes from the top-notch cloud service providers AWS and Google Cloud. We use high capacity machines and right monitoring tools to make sure nodes have high availability and low latency. We are ready to scale our infrastructure anytime as per future needs.


1How to delegate to Stakeish pool?

In order to delegate to the STAKEISH pool, you need to hold Ada. This will allow you to earn staking rewards/passive income. Ada can be bought from an exchange selling it in your location. You can find an Ada exchange near you by clicking here.

After you’ve made the purchase, you need to transfer your Ada to a preferred wallet from the exchange. Once the Ada is in your wallet, navigate to the Staking section and then search for Stakeish ticker “STASH”. You are now ready to delegate your Ada. Rest assured, your rewards will come to your wallet every five days. You can choose a wallet from any of the below three popular wallets. Happy Staking!

1. Daedalus
2. Yoroi
3. AdaLite

2How the name Stakeish came about?

“Stake” in STAKEISH comes from the staking practice, which is the process of actively participating in transaction validation (similar to mining) on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards.

“Ish” is a suffix used to form adjectives from nouns, with the sense of “belonging to” (British; Danish; English; Spanish); “after the manner of,” “having the characteristics of,” “like” (babyish; girlish; mulish); “addicted to,” “inclined or tending to” (bookish; freakish); “near or about” (fiftyish; sevenish).

Together, “Stake” and “Ish” form the word “STAKEISH”, which is an invite to anyone wanting to earn rewards/passive income through the staking process

3Where can I get more details about the Stakeish pool?
Please check the below sites for more details about the Stakeish pool.
1. adapools.org
2. pooltool.io
4What is Cardano and ADA?

A 3rd generation blockchain, Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform. Ada is the native token of Cardano, and it is a digital currency. Each holder of Ada also has a stake in the Cardano network. To receive rewards, Ada held in a wallet can be allocated to a stake pool.

5What is staking?

Staking is the means by which you keep coins/tokens in a crypto-currency wallet to assist blockchain network operations. There are rewards for holders who provide this support.

6What is your pool fee?
Adequate funding is needed to run a quality stake pool that provides consistent rewards to Ada holders that allocate to it. As such, the pool fee has been set at 3% and the reward at 97%. We don’t want to use a low-cost infrastructure that produces poor returns.
7How often are the rewards distributed?
Rewards are distributed automatically after every 5 days. Cardano staking is cyclical in nature, and therefore, the distribution of rewards happens every “epoch”, which indicates a time period of five days.
8What is an EPOCH?
An epoch in the Cardano network is considered a measurement in the length of time. An epoch comprises of 21,600 slots (a smaller time measurement). The average slot is twenty seconds and includes one block to be generated. As such, the duration of each epoch is five days.
9Is there a minimum requirement for staking Cardano?
You can stake with one Ada. However, the more Ada you hold, the more returns you can expect to earn.
10Are my funds (ADA) safe when I delegate to your pool?
It is important to know that you only delegate your rights to participate in the protocol, not your actual funds. Your ADA is still secure and under your control in your wallet. The funds are not locked, and you can still make transactions
11Can I move my funds to another stake pool or liquidate any time after I stake my ADA?
Yes. Cardano has no locking period. You can freely move your funds to any other stake pool or sell as you wish. That is the beauty of Cardano.
12Where can I learn more about Cardano?


Hi, I’m Prem—an experienced and passionate software professional with an inclination towards blockchain technology. I have a deep interest in learning about new technologies and inspiring others around me to do the same.

I first learned about the blockchain technology in 2018. I had been invited to accompany my kid to her friend’s birthday party. There were other parents in attendance too. From a distance, I heard a few of them talking about Bitcoin and the money they invested in it. This triggered my interest, and I hovered over to learn more about the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin, that was all the rage at that time. I instantly fell in love with it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since 2018, I have not only been learning as much as I can about the blockchain technology, but I have also been imparting that knowledge and my thoughts on it to others through blogs. I am deeply concerned about the current Internet centralization issues and have been vocal about them in my posts. I believe that the internet needs a transformation and that is only possible through the decentralization of the Internet. It is time to bid farewell to Web 2.0 and welcome Web 3.0.

I am inspired by Cardano’s meticulous and scientific approach to solving many of the underlying Internet issues and their commitment to achieving the decentralization of the Internet. I look forward to playing my part in the 3rd Generation Blockchain Project Cardano to help secure the future of the Internet and make it more decentralized through my stake pool.

I hope you support me in this journey and enjoy being part of Stakeish’s family.

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